Distance Energy Healing for Horses : With Love & Passion.

Like us, horses are subject to the same emotional and physical pain.

A horse is particularly sensitive to the environment in which he evolves. It is not uncommon for horses to trigger a pathology caused by stress.

Naturally, trainings, competitions and weather conditions are also a source of very common pathologies.

This is when energy healing can help: a natural and holistic method that consists in rebalancing, harmonizing, regenerating, cleansing... the energies of the subtle bodies. Healing work aims to restore balance to  the animal's energy fields.

Horses are very sensitive, that is why they respond exceptionally well to energy healing of any form.

It is the disruption of the animal's energy subtle bodies that causes various diseases and disorders.

How I work:

I interact in distance, without direct contact with your horse.  I noticed that I get better results by doing so, as there is no stress caused by my presence.

As it is pure Quantum Light Energy, it can be sent anywhere in the World, at any time, with total ease. I have great success with animals distance healing.

When doing distance energy healing work, I simply connect with the horse’s energy fields in the etheric plane and, with the Pure Source Light, I release, cleanse, rebalanced any physical and emotionally issues.

During the sessions, besides the energy work, I also use crystals such as quartz, amethyst and auralite.

Energy Healing is usually given in the morning. The effects begin to be visible after a few days for so-called "classic" pathologies.

Energy Healing can assist with :

  • behavioural problems
  • help when it's time to go to.... heaven
  • emotional trauma (new owner or environnement)
  • mare during pregnancy
  • mare and foal after birth
  • arthritis
  • joint problems
  • digestive problems
  • musculoskeletal conditions
  • sarcoids
  • emphysema
  • summer dermatitis
  • after illness or surgery
  • wounds, injuries

Contact :

  • You explain by email the problems your horse has.
  • You send me a picture of your animal (with name and year of birth).
  • You make the payment via Paypal
  • Then I will let you know when the Healing will take place.
  • The Healing work last 3 days.

Take notice: I do not make any diagnosis.

Distance energy healing for horses, pets, animals.

The energy work protocol for: emphysema, summer dermatitis and sarcoids, is different from the classic "3-day" protocol. It will be adapted to each case.

Everything is made of energy, including us, the fauna and flora. Animals are naturally much more sensitive than us to subtle energies, which makes them very receptive to energy care.

Whether you have a horse with a health problem or a behavior problem, Energy Healing is a powerful tool to help us take care of them with love and respect!

soin énergétique duo cavalier, propriétaire et cheval
Distance energy healing for horses and animals, pets, remote energy healing

 To read before making an appointment:
Energy treatments, as powerful as they are, will never replace a veterinary examination, an X-ray, an ultrasound ...
Beforehand, do take the advice of your vet if your horse is apathetic, no longer eat, does not get up, is suddenly aggressive ... I will still be able to help, in addition to the veterinary treatment, in support, to accelerate the healing.


How long is the energy treatment?

It will depends on the pathology and care protocol put in place for your horse. The basic care takes 3 days. Some treatments, such as summer dermatitis, last several months. For sarcoids, the protocol is 3 months. Naturally, I propose a suitable rate in these cases.

Is your Healing work serious?

Just because they are animals does not mean I do not pay special attention to their well-being and healing. Your horse has the right, just like us, humans, to a very good healing for his health concerns. I always take the time to thoroughly question the owner of the animal to determine what his protege suffers from and I do not hesitate to refuse an energy work if I think, feel that it will not be useful or, if it is more cautious to see a vet in the first place. Take note again that I do not make any diagnosis, only a veterinarian can do that.

What is an energy healing?

The energy work consists of sending information to the energy field of the animal in order to rebalance its energies.


I commit myself to do my best to relieve and heal your horse or pet. No medication will be prescribed or even recommended. You will never be asked to stop a veterinary treatment in progress, on the contrary, my energy work is often complementary. My mission as Animal Therapist is simple, to help the animals to feel good in their paws/hooves and in their everyday life.